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((going through the notes of this post

and then I find some other Scotty’s have reblogged it and

I’d watch yourself, Kirk))


in the end uhura rejects both of them because she realized theyre gay as hell and goes out with scotty instead



Imagine Scotty messing with the replicators so that they make scotch instead of water

I’m sure that’s why he was studying those technical manuals in “Trouble with Tribbles”


And this day will be remembered as the day almost all the Imagine blogs sank into madness

it was only downhill from there, past me


I did it. I did the thing

Basically yesterday. Most of the Imagine Star Trek blogs went crazy. I decided to do a visual representation of what happened. Technically fan art.

Again, sorry I can’t art

Probably gonna scan this sometime later in the week.

And make another of Scotty and Uhura asleep in the couch

one year ago today

;-; most of these people aren’t even on at all anymore

there’s a grief that can’t be spoken

there’s a pain goes on and on

empty chairs at empty tables

now my friends are dead and gooooone






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"I will cut you if you try to do this, do you want to leave or not? ‘Cause if you don’t I can easily chuck the dynamite in the water and sit and wait for the ship to find us."

"No—shit—is that the ship? Uhura? Hell, she’s driving the ship—"



and thus, scotty blew up the entire island. scotty and myself died. uhura and spock cried for 2.49 days, yet still spock had to take command of the ship. keenser was appointed head engineer. sulu became first officer and chekov became second officer. but we all know that uhura became the real captain that day.



Imagine Nurse Chapel having to make a hang over remedy for her and Scotty after their drinking contest.

Imagine them having to do this in secret cuz Doctor McCoy doesn’t wanna help them




Imagine Bones and Khan discussing various ways to screw around with tribbles.

Okay, do you mean screw as in MESS WITH or screw as in FUCK. 

mess with, you idiot

dammit i missed the one year anniversary of this blog

as it should be

Simon Pegg + Hands

— Anonymous: You are a fucking dork!


imagineteenagescotty: WELL LOOK WHO'S BACK U NERD

i’m not a nerd ur a nerd

imaginecommanderriker: Laughing- OH MY GOSH THATS BEAUTIFUL

the mpgis trek

that was gold i deserve an award

imagineamandagrayson: SCOTTYYYYYY